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Jupiter Ascending Review: Space Opera Taste Salad

When I heard that the brothers Wachowski new again to make a movie with a new story and setting space opera, of course caves feel attracted dong. Who ga know The Matrix try. Or Speed ​​Racer. Certainly cave expect much with visual nggilani and exciting action scenes.
And after watching his cave, the cave was ready for writing this review.
Played by Mila Kunis Ashton Kutcher who sensuality make klepek-klepek in the real world, Jupiter Jones was born in the middle of the Atlantic ocean (in the ship, of course, his mother's not a mermaid). His father was an astrologer and his mother a teacher of Mathematics. Jupiter's father died before he was born and he was accustomed to hard work since childhood. When the adult was, she stayed at her large family and worked as a helper from dawn till night. Life romance is the last thing that Jupiter will.
Until one day, Jupiter is dying rich want to have the telescope had first father, persuaded to ngejual egg cell by his cousin. Fit again in the operating room, the doctors taunya it is alien. And they are tasked to kill Jupiter. Fortunately, Masbro come.
Caine (Channing Tatum) is a Lycantant, being developed as a soldier, his DNA is a mixture of wolf and human. Unfortunately doi albino, which resulted doi forced to survive alone, unlike other Lycantant.
Brak bruk dar der dor shit fairy fairy Crot jeger Bremm! then, Caine brings Jupiter home to his former boss used to be in unity SkyJacker and learn that Jupiter is the reincarnation of Queen Abrasax kingdom, one of the masters of the universe dynasties. And he is the rightful heir to the planet earth. Three brothers Abrasax brother who is heir to the throne scrambling for control / influence / kill Jupiter because they want to have the earth for their harvest. Approximately so the premise of this movie.
Fortunately humor and references scattered too many nudging the realm of pop-culture, so I still can relate the same story presented them.
Properly films contemporary sci-fi, visual is main menu in Jupiter Ascending. Mitologinya too cool. If the film is a big profit, rich film is going to be a sequel-sequel next will explore the various corners of the galaxy unpeeled lot in this first film.
or because many viewers Katro back and forth up and down in the first half hour of the movie goes. Ngehalangin view of the cave to the screen that makes watching the cave should be extra concerned.
The film is suitable for you lovers of sci-fi. Moreover, the genre of Space Opera lovers who again began crowded again 2 years. This film can also make a date, because the girl can relate his dream as beautiful as Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum picked up.
Really. If still confused, please watch the following trailer. See you at the movies, the boss ~

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